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STD screening is essential. When early discovery is combined with treatment, it is the most efficient ways to protect your sexual health and stop the spread of STDs to other people. California and Los Angeles health departments are being forced to cut back on free STD testing services at a time when disease rates are growing. We built STD Testing Long Beach to make testing and treatment as economical, private, and quick as possible.

Our Local Long Beach Service vs. Free Long Beach Clinics:

Long Beach STD Testing
Free Services
Test Cost ✔ Low cost testing Rarely Free - depends on income and test availability
Insurance Available ✔ Yes, we take most national insurance providersNo
Appointments ✔ No appointment needed! Can take days to get an appointment.
Wait Times ✔ 10 Minutes 1-2 hours
Convenient Locations ✔ Over 125 locations in Long Beach Limited clinics in Long Beach
Early HIV Detection Testing ✔ We offer the HIV DNA early detection test. Not available
Treatment ✔ Prescription treatment or referral ✔ Prescription treatment or referral
Customer Service ✔ Satisfaction Guaranteed! Our Care Center is available 7 days a week from 7AM to 10PM CST for you. Non existent
Uncomfortable Facilities ✔ Skilled staff and clean testing facilities. We work with the largest laboratories in the country, Quest Diagnostics and LabCorp Public health service are usually underfunded and understaffed
* All customer requests for test orders are subject to review and approval by our doctors in accordance with state laws.

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